How to optimize Your WordPress in 7 Steps !


How to optimize Your WordPress in Steps

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The optimization of any site mean more traffic even if search engine noted slow site will mark it and avoide it

in result you site will stay at the bottom of search results

How can I optimize my site ?

Here are some of basic importants tips that should enhance you site well :

1.always Upgrade to the latest wordpress release (you should be doing this for security reasons)

2.Use cahce plugins that is very usful way to speed up your wordpress site.  W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin  W3 Total Cache is just awesome…  I use it :)

3.Minimize simple unnecessary PHP queries. For example, instead of using <?php get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’); ?> just replace it with your wordpress installation URL so the browser can simply read it instead of making a query.(this advance trick if you can’t do it , leave it )

4. Load java-scripts in the footer (The golden rule – CSS on top, javascript on bottom)

5. Delete all unused or unnecessary plugins it’s very important6.Optimize and Repair your Database from” MyPhpAdmin”. You can use the Optimize DB plugin that does this for you.

7.Check your theme Code (Use valid HTML code)

after all you can check you site with gtmetrix  this very good tool to measure your site performance .