How to speed up your WordPress Site in 5 ways


How to speed up your WordPress Site

speed up your wordpress

The most important question you should ask your self before you start bulind your wordpress site

How could I make my site very speed and easy to hand

Here are some of most important tips that may help you in managing your wordpress site:

1. Remove all spam comments


spam comments

Normally a few comments will not really make a difference to your website, but if you let the spam comments build up to thousands, then things will have low perfromance and traffic .

this very easy To remove your spam, just click the ‘spam’ link from the dashboard, then click the ‘Empty spam’ button at the top.

WordPress emptry spam buttons

 2. Disable WP post revisions

By default WordPress saves post every 60 seconds, but if you think that is way too much, then you can modify it to your likings with this configuration:

By default WordPress saves post every 60 seconds, but if you think that is way too much, then you can modify it to your likings with this configuration:

Open wp-config.php located in your WordPress root directory and add the following code:

1 define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 120); // in seconds

Some posts have 10s, 20s, or even 100 post revisions depending on the blog owner. If you think that feature annoys you, then you can limit the number of revisions per post.

1 define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 5);

You can use any integer you like there.

If none of the settings above satisfies you, then you can simply disable the post revisions feature by adding this function:

1 define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);


3. Clean up your plugins

Adding plugins to your website is one of the most detrimental things you can do.

However in almost all cases, this is unavoidable.

Instead, you need to keep the number of plugins you have installed on your website to a minimum.

Uninstall those that aren’t activated and consider removing any that don’t get used very often.

The fewer plugins you have, the better.

4.Optimize your Database

We have already made a start on this by removing spam comments and post revisions, however there is still more we can do to help the database.

The first thing you need to do is install  Optimize Database plugin

this plugins has many featuer one time such as

  • Deletes spammed comments (optional)
  • Deletes unused tags (optional)
  • Deletes ‘orphan postmeta items’
  • Optimizes the database tables (optionally you can exclude certain tables from optimization)
  • Creates a log file of the optimizations (optional)
  • Optimization can be scheduled to automatically run once hourly, twice daily, once daily or once weekly at a specific time (optional)
  • ‘Optimize DB (1 click)’ link in the admin bar (optional)

Optimize Database plugins

Before we make any changes, you must take a backup of your database – this really is a must!


5. Add caching to your website – very important  !

Caching allows your website to save a static version of each of your pages onto your server, this will work very good at your website and give it the maximum speed

To add caching to your website, you do need to install another plugin (last one – promise).

That plugin is called WP Super Cache.

Simply install the plugin, then go to Settings > WP Super Cache, make sure your on the ‘Easy’ tab then just turn caching on. Done.