How To Use All In One Seo Pack WordPress Plugin



How To Use All In One Seo Pack Plugin WordPress

There are many of WordPress plugins that help in SEO for search engin such as All in One SEO Pack and

WordPress , SEO By Yoast ..etc

Today we will have spot on the most common  plugin.

 All In One SEO Pack : the most common plugins for SEO and recommended by many of Experts

How to Start with All In One SEO plugin :

in WordPress Admin Area page the plguin load its main page in Settings and make sure the plugin status is enabled.

here you see many setting , let’s look at the most important of these settings :

1. Make sure Canonical URLs are checked

This will take care of the permalink issue that we discussed above and most other similar issues with duplicate content.

2. Check Rewrite Titles check box


In my opinion, the default WordPress titles are ugly, long and not search-engine friendly enough. You can fine-tune your titles in the boxes below the check box. Usually the default templates that the plugin offers are good but I’d like to debate the need of “| %blog_title%” part in them.

Check Rewrite Titles check box


While it helps the readers to remember your blog name, this can also make your titles long or keyword stuffed. And overusing keywords is another red flag especially with Google Penguin. So either keep only the page/post title there in the boxes or make sure your blog name is good. Good means short, original, memorable, and not keywords stuffed. Another option is to simply hard-code your domain name instead of using “| %blog_title%“, so the templates will look something like “%post_title% |“.


3. Do not use any META keyword tags

And deselect META keyword-related settings in the plugin. META keywords have been useless for ages, and now they may even be a sign of over optimization.

4. Use “noindex” for archives and tag archives.

“Noindex” for categories is questionable. Sure, you want to avoid duplicate content but you also want your category pages to rank in search engines. Ideally they present content focused around a given topic. So the best way to handle this is to edit your WordPress theme so category pages show excerpts only and not the full post content. You can also just use a theme which already does this.

The other options in the plugin can stay unchecked. I am especially against using “Autogenerate descriptions”. If you don’t want to write META description for each post, search engines will figure out better ones than the plugin can.

The plugin also adds a box under each post/page that lets you add a title and META description there. Feel free to use it. Do not add keywords.